Speeches of Great SAR Men:


"If I were to advise a young initiate into the fraternity, it would be to throw himself into the work of Sigma Alpha Rho without reservation, to work zealously, ardently, religiously for the progress and dissemination of our principles; he need not fear of reward, it will appear in his own soul. It has proven so with others, it will be so for him - let him remember - 'the recompense is great!'"

Brother Leon S. Rosenthal



Charles Bogdanoff"Rise brothers, for we are now witness to a new era and to a glowing sunrise which promisees a future unsurpassed before. Now, our fiber is strengthening, our spirit broadening. All that is valuable in Sigma Alpha Rho is now destined to be increased tremendously, provided that we all remember to give all. Give all brothers, the recompense is great!"

- Past Supreme Exalted Ruler Charles Bogdanoff
From the 1974 Purple & White Yearbook


"The fact that an individual Brother works for Sigma Alpha Rho implies that he has an end in mind - a goal which is either in the near or distant future - a reason for his energies to be so freely expended. In order for any Brother to be effective in attaining this goal, be he a Supreme Exalted Ruler or an active man eager to serve his Chapter, he must first have the desire to bring perfection to Sigma Alpha Rho - PROGRESS. Coupled with this primary goal is PRIDE - a desire to bring perfection to himself for having performed the task successfully."

Past Supreme Exalted Ruler Edward L. Soll


My new Brother,

Welcome....the men of Sigma Alpha Rho extend to you their hands and hearts upon your entry into our ranks.

We are an organization devoted to the betterment of ourselves, our community, and our fraternity. In the past, present and future we have done and propose to do this by the application of our minds and bodies in a unified effort to reach our goals.

We know you have acquired a fair understanding of fraternalism but as you now are a Brother in Sigma Alpha Rho, our vast panorama of programs and events are opened to you. At your command fall all the resources of Sigma Alpha Rho. It is for you to reach out and grasp these programs and develop your own talents and abilities to carry forward our lofty ideals and purposes.

Today and always, you will be a Sigma Alpha Rho man, it is a great privilege......make the most of it.

Most fraternally,

Jerome N. Krader

Supreme Exalted Ruler, 1970